Time To Choose

As we know various techniques, repetitive phrases and slogans, have been used since the beginning of time to both influence and control.

Of course they are employed in political elections – to influence and control the outcome. It is left for us to decipher what is factually true and who will act in our best interests.

When I am deciding whether or not and how much to trust how someone will behave beyond their words, it is my perception of their maturity and dependability I focus on. What are their values and how selfish are their motives?

Techniques used to influence and motivate — whether subliminal or direct, intended to promote another’s growth and happiness, or induce fear and thereby control — are ultimately based in character!

All of us have personal desires. However when we choose to take on responsibility for others it is morally essential we are willing and capable of behaving in their best interests, not ours. This is never the case when the means used are intended to create fear and deception.

Just as “to love is to give” – “to lead honorably, responsibly and faithfully” is to be focused on the well being of others.

My election day thoughts.

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