Valentine’s Day: A Sweet Reminder

Learning is Required.It’s a time for sweetness – and yes some spice. You know what I mean — so make it nice.

This day’s a “Sweet Reminder,” to say I love you.
Of course you’ll say it once – but show you really do.

Look deep in their eyes, with your words full of love,
then show them it’s real, beyond and above.

There’s little time for anger, no sad goodbyes,
no accusations, confrontations or questioning about why.

If it’s love you want, true love – the “Real Deal,”
then give your heart and give it for real.

More than a card, jewelry, pretty clothes or some art,
show them kindness today, you’ve got to start.

A promise is a promise, but to make it last,
treat them with respect and forgive pain from the past.

It’s always time, if you want to really know,
how to share great love – how to make it grow!

Reach down deep for courage, way beyond old pain,
it will hurt of course, since memories of old wounds do remain.

But it’s on the other side of your fear, you’ll find what you want,
so go there now, an open mind – a generous heart.

That’s where real love hangs, that special gift,
where there’s no more running or remaining adrift.

If the one you say you love, is at last the one for you,
now is always the time to give your love anew.

Stop defending – no pretending, it’s not a game,
for those who refuse, yesterday and today are just the same!

So keep love in your heart and you’ll find your way,
to “Love Everlastng” this Valentine’s Day!!!

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day: A Sweet Reminder

  1. Maria Tiscia says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Thanks for “A Sweet Reminder.” We should always remember to tell those we love how much they mean to us – today (Valentine’s Day) and everyday!

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