Festivities over – mating ritual done,
Dopamine stops flowing,
And so too the fun.

Time passing in the blink of an eye.
A hiccup, a burp,
A laugh – a sigh.

Yes Valentine’s is over, the dancing done,
Still in each other’s eyes,
That’s how it’s done.

Again and again
In sadness and pain,
Being worthy, you remain.

For the greatest gifts of love don’t cost a dime,
Compassion, respect, kindness, your time!

Respectfully listening,
Beyond anxiety and fear,
Showing each other: See, I’m here!

Willing to learn, to work, to grow,
Trusting and giving is love, you know.

Building forever, ne’er a thing of the past,
Not when your heart wants your love to last.

So when Valentine’s is over and tomorrow’s come,
It’s time to remember
There’s more love to be done!

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Jeff Levine

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