Unconditional LoveWhen romance begins, our world may be calm,
Then come intoxicating breezes, what a balm.
Next, pulsating music and dancing feet,
Glowing moon, red sunsets, oh so sweet.

Flying high on the magic carpet ride,
Pleasure-after-sensual-pleasure collide.
It’s fantastic in this magical land,
But soon you’ll need to take a stand.

Lyrics say, “The best things in life are free”
But you must know that this just can’t be.
It’s true great love cannot be bought,
But when it’s real love that you have sought

Be prepared to practice everyday,
The art of loving has rules to obey.
Its great reward you may achieve,
If you stay committed and never leave.

When it’s love you both want, real and true,
Really wanting it, your significant other and you,
When you are frightened and feeling pain,
Thinking, “Oh no, I don’t want this, not again,”

It’s in such moments you both must know,
Stay the course – you reap what you sow.
Take lessons, get help, if you know not how,
Then practice, practice, practice — and wow!

If you both take the time and stay the course,
Stop and breathe to relax – that’s the source
With time and effort you’ll begin to learn,
The magic isn’t magic, but wisdom you earn.

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Jeff Levine

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