Learning is Required.Learning is Required.

While thinking about topics I might address, several possibilities came to mind before I realized all of them had one thing in common – the desire to provide information that you can put to use immediately. Why? When people are struggling with certain common emotional issues they want relief – answers that help them get unstuck.

This post is to announce a new series of short How To’s and Tips that will provide basic steps to help you to begin addressing problems that many people deal with. The idea is to give you basic information that can alleviate confusion, provide a bit of clarity, offer some direction — and possibly reduce your level of stress.

In each new post in this series, I will address one basic problem. The post will provide clear, easy-to-digest suggestions for your consideration and steps you might take toward a solution. Please apply the information with a healthy, respectful attitude and accept responsibility for your choices.

The series is intended to provide general, practical advice on everyday situations, not as a substitute for psychotherapy. Addressing complex emotional struggles requires in-depth exploration. Resolving deeply rooted and long standing problems should be handled in a solid therapeutic relationship.

To make these posts as useful as possible, if there’s a specific problem you’d like me to address, please e-mail me your request. If it’s about a common enough problem, I’ll write about it – keeping your identity private, of course.

The first How To’s and Tips post is in the works and will go out in the next mailing. The topic is How To Provide an Emotionally Safe Environment for Your Kids. It’s inspired by one happy piece of news – that actress Sandra Bullock has adopted a little girl through the foster care system – and one tragic piece of news – that once again a mass shooting happened in San Bernardino.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Levine Counseling Blog. Your comments on this new series are welcome.

I wish you and yours a healthy, happy and love-filled Holiday Season!

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