Are You Making A List and Checking It Twice?

With only ten days until Christmas, shopping for presents is on everyone’s minds. What’s on your list?

“To love is to give!” The question is – give what, to whom, when and for that matter why give at all?

May I suggest that the first person you consider giving to is you! After all, you are the source of all you give to others. The meaning and quality of your giving to others emerges from the content of your own heart.

Treat yourself with respect, kindness and patience. Be compassionate with yourself and forgive your human imperfections. No one is perfect. Work hard at the things that matter, especially your interpersonal relationships. Treat yourself with the kind of love you want to receive. The more of that you develop within, the more you’ll have to give to others!

There are many ways to give to yourself but start here. It is a giant step in the right direction. Making life work is an inside job.

Learn to take yourself into your own heart and then share that with others – it’s the best gift you can give!!!

Happy Holidays To You and Your Family!