Jeff,  hope you are well. Chavi and I recently returned from a special vacation we took together to celebrate our 11th year anniversary. As we were taking it all in, we couldn’t help but think about how we got here and how grateful we are for the work we did and the relationship we have with you! We made this video for you. Hope you get some “Nachas” – well deserved feelings of  appreciation  from it!

Please Note: This Testimonial  received July 2019 and the personal video from this extraordinary couple will soon to be posted on the LevineCounseling website; with their permission, is a clear example of  the rewards achievable when both individuals and  a couple are willing to courageously step beyond fear, commit to self-awareness, personal growth and dedication to Loving oneself and each other!! It requires the willingness to be vulnerable, respect, trust, and unconditional commitment to the process!!! Because these two remarkable individuals brought that willingness and personal qualities to the therapeutic process, their children are indeed blessed!

I am grateful I had the opportunity, responsibility and their Trust, which allowed me to shine a light on the path – “To Love Is To Give!”